Connecting with Community

First Flight Rotarians hold social events throughout the year that connecting members with other Rotarians on and around the Outer Banks, with members of other organizations and with the community at-large.

Cerveza Above Self: When a month has a fifth Wednesday, all Rotarians (any Club), spouses, friends and guests are welcome to join First Flight Rotary Club for Cerveza Above Self — happy couple hours from 5pm to 7pm at a local establishment.
* – Cerveza is the Spanish word for beer, though some of us enjoy wine and other beverages at these fun events.

Anniversary of the End of Prohibition: On December 5, the Club joins other Outer Banks Rotary Clubs and the general public to celebrate the End of Prohibition. The bar/restaurant donates a portion of their receipts to the End Polio Now.

Pig Cooking Party: The Friday night before the Oink & Oyster Roast (Saturday of Columbus ay Weekend), the Club cooks the several hundred pounds of pig for the Oink & Oyster Roast. This has become a wonderful party with all Outer Banks Rotarians, O&O Sponsors, and members of the neighborhood where the pig is being cooked invited.

Summer Social and Christmas Party: These fun events allow our members and the spouses and significant others to spend time getting to know one another in a relaxed party mode.