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The purpose of our weekly meetings is to develop friendships and strong ties among club members. Meetings also provide opportunities to help our members grow personally and professionally and enhance leadership skills. They also help us gain an understanding of community and international issues and how we might impact them.

Most of our club meetings feature a presentation from an expert on a topic of interest to club members, such as current events, issues, or needs on the Outer Banks or in organizations that share common goals. We also invite representatives of local businesses to speak, when those speakers cover unique or fun topics.

Visitors from other Rotary Clubs are always welcome. If you’re not a Rotarian, but want to learn more about Rotary and our club, please contact Stan Keeler, Membership Chairman, or join us at a meeting as our guest.

Our Weekly 50/50 Rules

The First Flight Rotary Club Weekly 50/50 is designed to generate funds to support the work of the Club and to have fun at weekly meetings.

50/50 tickets will be sold to anyone during meal time. A ticket will be drawn at the end of the meeting and the winner must be in attendance.

To win the Big Pot, the weekly winner may select a card from the deck. If the Ace of Spades is selected, then the weekly winner wins the “Big Pot.” If the Ace of Spades is not selected by the weekly winner, the weekly pot is split 75% to the Big Pot and 25% to the Club.

After the “Big Pot” reaches $200, if the Ace of Spades is not selected, the weekly pot is split 50% to the Big Pot and 50% to the Club.

One deck of playing cards is used. The odds of winning the Big Pot increase from 1:52 to 1:1 as weeks pass and the Ace of Spades is not selected.

If the winning ticket holder is not present, a subsequent ticket is picked. After three tickets are picked and no winner comes forward, the weekly game ends and the weekly pot goes into the Big Pot.

Before “Big Pot” Reaches $200:
Winning Ticket Holder……
Draws to Win “Big Pot”

Big Pot……………………..75%

After “Big Pot” Reaches $200:
Winning Ticket Holder……
Draws to Win “Big Pot”

Big Pot……………………..50%

Ticket Prices
$1.00 = 1 ticket
$2.00 = 3 tickets
$3.00 = 5 tickets
$5.00 = 9 tickets
$10.00 = 20 tickets
$20.00 = 50 tickets
$40.00 = 125 tickets
$100.00 = 350 tickets

Wednesday for Lunch  at 1:00 pm

in the
Sea Ranch Resort


1731 N. Virginia Dare Trail
(MP 7 on the Beach Road)
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

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